Non Stop Dıgestıve-Fatlıng

The Herbal Treatment Supplements are a herbal solution for nutritional problems in animals such as rumen balance deterioration, loss of appetite, acidosis, diarrhea-fecal softness, bloating-blockage, undigested feed defecation. Improves the rumen balance again, when rumen deteriorated in the animals. Volatile fatty acids in content of aromatic plants enables by regulating and function effectively microbial flora of the bowel and intestine system. It also allows the treated animals to recover quickly.


– Non-Stop Digestive/Fatling: For male fattening animals, 20 grams per 100 kg live weight per day is calculated and mixed with water in a bottle and then watered to animal. It is enough to give 3 consecutive days. (Example: 400 kg of live weight 80 gr / day x 3)