– EggPlus For Poultry:

  • Strengthens the immune system and increases its resistance against ,.
  • Increases feed efficiency
  • Strengthens intestinal health by suppressing pathogenic microorganisms in digestive system.
  • Antioxidant property has been scientifically proven.
  • Increases feed consumption in troubled chicken coops with reduced feed consumption, allowing the poultry to reach maximum yield quickly.
  • Prolongs the peak period of the laying hens.
  • Increases the yield and quality of the egg, reduces the dirty eggs proportion.
  • Provides that much more eggs obtained by extending egg-laying period.
  • Improves the shell quality.
  • Generally, provides maximum yield efficiency in layer hens.
  • Helps to remove liver and kidney disorders.
  • Reduce ammonia odor in chicken coops.
  • Minimizes stress-related problems that can happen for various reasons.


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